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Select the required Course then Press “Take this course button”, fill in the required field, make the payment and you are done with Registration.

It will take us minimum 24 – 48 hours to activate your account. Live content will be available only at that particular time. Pre-Recorded sessions can be seen immediately after account activation. Since the platform is a recently launched some parts may be active by 28th Feb 2023.

Sometimes payment gateways get stuck due to bad network. This is not to be worried. In such cases you get back the amount within 2-4 working days. We request you to check your Bank / Credit Card statements after 2-4 working days. If you still have not received the payment, please email us at support@tradingheads.com and we will take the case to payment gateway or bank as the case may be.

It is preferred to have a personal Computer or Laptop for Online Course. Although the classes can be attended on mobile it may be difficult to see charts and presentations on a small screen. Also, mobile network may not be stable. It is advisable to use wired headphones or earphones with microphone as the noise is reduced and you can interact with the presentor.

That is not a problem, you will get recordings of all the sessions unless there is any technical glitch while recording. It will take us minimum 24 hours to edit and upload the recording after live session.

You can ask your doubts at the end of every Chapter or Session. In case you have lots of doubts then you can request the trainer to keep a private session with the trainer so that other students time is not consumed.

CMT Association oversees the program curriculum and administration of exams. Visit www.cmtassociation.org for more details.

CMT Level 1 Candidates. Anyone who is interested in Technical Analysis, Portfolio Management, New Aspirant in Financial Markets. Professional Traders, Investors, Option Traders, Stock Dealers, Research Analysts. Infact, anyone with passion and belief towards technical analysis can attend and succeed.

Candidates may only sit for one exam each administration.

No limitations on candidates’ ability to retake exams.

We understand that as the number of students increase so does the time to serve them efficiently. Hence, we restrict the number of students in each batch. Here is the limit for each Course:

  • CMT Level 1 : In person – 12, Online – 40
  • CMT Level 2 : In person – 12, Online – 30
  • CMT Level 3 : In person – 12, Online – 20

The batch will close once the max Number of Students are reached.

You pay only once for each level. We provide full support till you pass that level exam, no need to pay coaching fee again, you can attend the next batch for no additional fees. We understand the CMT Exam fees is anyways paid again and paying the coaching fees again can be demotivating to the candidates.

Trading heads have trained more than 130 Candidates. You being our student it’s our responsibility that you get relevant Sponsors.

We have very good connects in India Market hence we do provide assistance for Jobs, we do not give Job Guarantee.

No time limit for a candidate to pass the subsequent levels

Yes, Undergraduates from any stream can join the Course. They are also eligible to give exams of all 3 levels. The CMT Designation will only be given after graduation from any stream and after 3 years of work experience in financial markets.

As on December 2022 the CMT fee structure is as under:

CMT Levels






CMT Level 1

Enrolment Fee




Annual Membership Fee




Exam fees









CMT Level 2

Annual Membership Fee




Exam fees









CMT Level 3

Annual Membership Fee




Exam fees








No there is no negative marking in any level of CMT. One should answer all the questions.

Although CMT Association does not disclose pass percentage. With our experience if you secure the below percentage the you should be safe.

  • CMT Level 1 : 75%
  • CMT Level 2 : 72%
  • CMT Level 3 : 60%


How should I approach my studies?

Linear Study

  • chapter by chapter.
  • most amount of time.
  • most effective. 

Topical Study – 

  • Faster,
  • more risk,
  • weighting of topics.

likelihood of related questions on the CMT exam.

While the second method may be most attractive in terms of time, we recommend linear study and using topical study as a supplement to ensure candidates learn what they need to know.

Practical training and regularly reading price charts often helps in the performance.

As this is a Charter designation, we believe the more time you give the better it is. Minimum one needs is 120 hours of self-study and 120 hours of Chart observation. Remember the purpose is to learn not to just get the designation. With 2 hours of daily commitment and persistence one can easily crack the exam in 4 months.

The classes are done in hybrid mode. As we are based in India’s financial capital, Mumbai the in-person class in available only in Mumbai. For others who are outside Mumbai or are more comfortable taking course online can join online. We maintain uniformity in study material and content.

Yes, you being a CFA Charter holder are exempt from CMT Level 1 Exam. You can still take our CMT Level 1 course to learn basic concepts of Technical Analysis. We offer 20% Discount to all CFA Charter Holders for all Levels. 

CMT Exams are conducted by CMT Association twice a year. Generally, it’s in 1st week of June and December. The Next Exam will be between 1st to 12th June 2023 for level 1 & 2. CMT Level 3 Exam will be held on 8th June 2023.

Early Registration : 20th Dec 2022 to 13th Feb 2023, Fees $295 for members, $470 for non-members

Standard Registration : 14th Feb to 10th Apr 2023, Fees $395 for members, $570 for non-members

Late Registration : 11th Apr to 15th May 2023, Fees $595 for members, $770 for non-members

We recommend to take CMT Membership as there are a lot of content on the CMT Website, also they conduct webinars / seminars / events quite consistently which are rich sources of knowledge and learning and networking with the experts and professionals. 

Every year the program sees minor revisions in January on the order of 10% or less. Major enhancements are done in 5-year interval, the last was in 2015.

It provides a disciplined, systematic approach to understanding the law of supply and demand in liquid markets across all asset classes. Equip CMTs with the ability to apply technical analysis as a means of risk management in the portfolio context. These professionals use mathematics, data & analytic techniques to manage risk & to chart existing market prices to show trends & future pricing

CMT Level 1 : About 700 Pages

CMT Level 2 : About 770 Pages

CMT Level 3 : About 820 Pages

CMT Level 1 : 120 Scored Questions + 12 Pre Test Questions = 132, Time 2 hours

CMT Level 2 : 150 Scored Questions + 20 Pre Test Questions = 170, Time 2 sections of 2 hours each with 10 minute break in between, you cannot move back to section one.

CMT Level 3 : 8 Questions about 20 to 40 marks each with 4-6 sub sections, Total Marks 240, Time 2 sections of 2 hours each with 10 minute break in between, you cannot move back to section one.

Candidates have the option to register the test at either a Prometric Test Site or through ProProctor, Prometric’s Remote Test system.

Exams are conducted at Prometric Center In India. They are currently suituated at Goregaon West, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata.

Use these checklists to confirm your environment and computer’s compatibility to allow remote proctoring via Prometric’s ProProctor™ application. For a remotely proctored exam, your computer must have a camera, microphone and internet connection, and be able to install a lightweight app prior to the test event. The camera must be movable; you must be able to pick up the camera (or the computer it’s attached to) and provide a 360° view of the room. You will take the exam online while a Prometric proctor is overseeing the examination process remotely.

Test Environment Requirements

Your office or home setting must meet the following requirements:

  • Testing location must be indoors (walled), well lit, free from background noise and disruptions.
  • No third party may be present in the room or enter the room for the duration of the exam. If this occurs, your exam will be terminated and/or your results invalidated.
  • Your workstation and surrounding area must be free of books, electronic devices, etc. No content that could potentially provide an unfair advantage during your exam, including that posted on walls or within your immediate area, should be present during your exam session.
  • If the room you use for testing is a) on the first or second floor and has exterior-facing windows or b) has interior-facing windows (as in many conference rooms and offices), then existing blinds or curtains should be closed, or other window coverings put in place.
  • Two tissues are permitted at your workstation but must be inspected by the Proctor prior to the start of your exam.

Technology Requirements

ProProctor™ System Requirements:

  • You can only use a laptop or desktop computer for your exam. No dual-monitor configurations are permitted for testing (ie: a desktop with two monitors or a laptop with a separate monitor are not permitted).
  • Laptop/PC Power Source: Please plug your device directly into a power source, not attached to a docking station.
  • Camera and microphone: Whether or not it is attached to your laptop or PC, your camera needs to be able to move around and provide a view of your entire workspace. You must have a working microphone to speak with your remote proctor.
  • Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 is the minimum resolution required.
  • Operating System: Windows 8.1 or higher | MacOS 10.13 or higher.

More detail on using ProProctor, including hardware and environment information is available using these links.

System Check : https://rpcandidate.prometric.com/

User Guide : https://www.prometric.com/sites/default/files/2020-04/PrometricProUserGuide_3.1_1.pdf

ProProctor Support : https://ehelp.prometric.com/proproctor/s/?language=en_US 


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