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Sovit sir has been very approachable both outside and inside the classroom. Discussing ideas with him along with his feedback is an added bonus. After the course I could develop better understanding of the strategies I use and enhance the profit potential of the strategies while keeping risk under control.

Name: Rahul Samir Doshi
Company Name: Goldmine Financial Services
Designation: Derivatives Strategist
Coached for: All 3 Levels of CMT



The mentoring was practical and taught a lot about application of the principles in the market. The course helped to develop Systematic trading mindset. Sovit Sir influenced me by guiding like a true Guru.

Name: Sourav Banerjee
Company Name: Marathon Trends Advisory Pvt Ltd
Designation: Equity Analyst
Coached for: CMT Level 1 & 2.

Way of Teaching was Extremely Good. The course helped me with overall concept understanding with proper practical knowledge. Sir provided Important Inputs in terms of Trading and Market Psychology.

Name: Nawaz Shaikh
Company Name: Midasfintech Ltd
Designation: Technical Analyst
Coached for: CMT Level 1

After cleaning CMT, an individual becomes INDEPENDENT. The same person can do multiple things in the stock market industry. I got Core Technical analysis and multiple directions of thoughts from Sovit Sir.



Name: Deep Shah CMT
Company Name: AlgoBulls
Designation: Risk and Operations Manager
Coached for: All 3 Levels of CMT

Understanding markets in a much much better way and improving my trading style. Sovit Sir has explained each and every topic with practical examples and explanations which has made learning quite easy and understandable for me. Apart from the curriculum, he has also helped me with my trading and suggestions about what can be done and in what way.

Name: Adarsh Jhaveri
Company Name: Zishka Capital
Designation: Associate
Coached for: CMT Level 2 & 3.

Took coaching for Level 2, and it was very helpful specifically backtesting and risk portion, the same was very well articulated by Sovit Sir. Got a clear understanding of Concepts.


Name: Ajit Mohanty
Designation: Senior Manager
Coached for: CMT Level 2

Everything about course was really good. Deep Knowledge of the indicators and doubt solving benefited me the most. Teaching line by line was most helpful.



Name: Hiten Solanki
Designation: Student
Coached for: CMT Level 1

This course is for the people who has a desire to understand everything about trading and technical analysis. The course was very well organized and concepts were cleared with all live examples. Most of the concepts from the textbook were explained with practical examples. Which led to cleared understanding of the subject.

Name: Jignesh Pandya
Company Name: Monarch Networt Capital Limited
Designation: Sr. Research Analyst
Coached for: All 3 Levels of CMT

Good learning for non-financial students and also helps to generate passive income without a depth of financial knowledge. I started to maintain discipline and patience while trading.

Name: Karan Porwal
Designation: Fund accountant
Coached for: CMT Level 1 & Level 2

Sovit Sir helped me to change my approach towards trading. I was able to adapt non-discretionary style under his guidance. All 3 levels are designed in such a way that one can easily cover the content from basics to advance in much organised and filtered way. It covers all the aspects like technical analysis, risk and money management, systematic approach towards trading. I shifted from discretionary trading to rule based trading after CMT course.




Name : Manish Kirtani CMT           Company : 5mins Market          Designation : Managing Partner        Coached for : All 3 Levels of CMT


I had failed twice in CMT Level II and that was the main reason to get in touch with any mentor and as I am currently using fully discretionary methods in investing, I had thought of learning from a mentor who is aware of discretionary methods as well as a master of objective methods hence I ran directly into Sovit Sir’s course. Don’t know about the upcoming result of Level II but I know it for sure that Sir has guided me suitably to escalate my knowledge base to move with trend and go objective in investing. Got to learn a whole new concepts under the umbrella of Statistics. Sir used to make sure that we have understood each and everything, doesn’t matter, even if it is a single word in any sentence.

Name : Vivek Kumar                      Company : IDBI Bank Ltd         Designation : Branch Head           Coached for : CMT Level 2


Well run course with excellent training material. The instructors vast experience and commitment blends both theories along with practical aspects of application in markets. Comprehensive coverage of CMT Level 1 Technical Analysis syllabus and support for exam preparation. Live sessions are a bonus. Sovit Sir is a teacher in the true sense of the words. His philosophy of learn the process first and get wealthy slowly is an inspiration. Stopped impulsive trading after his classes.


Name: Venkataramanan Kishore
Designation: Aerospace Consultant
Coached for : CMT Level 1

Warren Buffett once said, “The best investment you can make, is an investment in yourself”.
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