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An Introduction to Technical Analysis. Test on Basic concepts, terminology, formations and definitions in technical analysis

Theory and Analysis. Tests on Application of concepts, theory, and


The Integration of Technical Analysis. Tests on concepts with practical application with Advance Techniques. Bringing it all together

Our Instructors

Industry expert – 16+ year of experience

Sovit Manjani, CMT

CEO & Founder, Trading Heads

Sovit Manjani is a Chartered Market Technician, Founder, CEO Trading Heads and He was the Co-Founder of Dravyaniti Consulting LLP and Algo Convention. Trading Heads is his dream project to train and mentor passionate learners to be successful Traders / Investors. He has designed and developed various Profitable Algorithmic Trading Systems based on Technical Indicators for Stocks, Futures and Indices. He has also been live trading and executing these strategies from past many years which enable him to combine theory and practical. He has a profitable track record of 30+ CAGR since Jan-2017.

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He was a faculty at the BSE Institute for Certificate Program on Technical Analysis. He has coached numerous CMT aspirants for all three levels. He also conducts Systematic Trading workshops and has trained CFA’s, CMT’s, CA’s for Algorithmic trading.

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Sovit sir has been very approachable both outside and inside the classroom. Discussing ideas with him along with his feedback is an added bonus. After the course I could develop better understanding of the strategies I use and enhance the profit potential of the strategies while keeping risk under control.

Name: Rahul Samir Doshi
Company Name: Goldmine Financial Services
Designation: Derivatives Strategist
Coached for: All 3 Levels of CMT



The mentoring was practical and taught a lot about application of the principles in the market. The course helped to develop Systematic trading mindset. Sovit Sir influenced me by guiding like a true Guru.

Name: Sourav Banerjee
Company Name: Marathon Trends Advisory Pvt Ltd
Designation: Equity Analyst
Coached for: CMT Level 1 & 2.

Way of Teaching was Extremely Good. The course helped me with overall concept understanding with proper practical knowledge. Sir provided Important Inputs in terms of Trading and Market Psychology.

Name: Nawaz Shaikh
Company Name: Midasfintech Ltd
Designation: Technical Analyst
Coached for: CMT Level 1



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Trading Heads is a dream initiative of Mr. Sovit Manjani CMT. With the purpose of educating and mentoring new aspirants and executives for not only to graduate for professional designations like CMT, CFA, CQF, etc but to become successful and consistent traders

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