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Learn The Skill Of Converting Your Trading Ideas Into Systems
Course Duration: 6 Weeks (48+ Hours)
Support: 26 Weeks
Course Access: 1 Year

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Wednesday, 8th July 2023

Timing: Saturdays 6 pm to 10 pm, Sunday 10 am to 2 pm

Course Details

Amibroker is the world’s ultimate investing and trade analysis software. It is used by millions of investors and traders in different countries to validate and execute trading ideas, trading signal generation. Imagine scanning over thousands of securities from across the market with a click of a button in moments to identify the best trading opportunities. Combine this with the most extensive list of indicators, technical analysis tools, Risk management, Position sizing and the capability to comprehensively validate and optimize your trading strategies. One needs to learn Amibroker Formula Language extensively to create complex custom indicators, trading Strategies, entry exit signals. If you want to excel in Systematic, rule based, process oriented and objective trading then this workshop is for you.


Systematic trading is one of the best ways to trading. Market Wizards like Ray Dalio, Ed Seykota, Larry Connors, Linda Raschke, Richard Dennis, Perry Kaufman, Larry Williams, have proved that rule based objective trading is far superior than discretionary trading.




Meet your mentor

sovit manjani

Founder, Trading Heads

About The Instructor

Sovit Manjani is a Chartered Market Technician, Founder, CEO Trading Heads and He was the Co-Founder of Dravyaniti Consulting LLP and Algo Convention. Trading Heads is his dream project to train and mentor passionate learners to be successful Traders / Investors. He has designed and developed various Profitable Algorithmic Trading Systems based on Technical Indicators for Stocks, Futures and Indices. He has also been live trading and executing these strategies from past many years which enable him to combine theory and practical. He has a profitable track record of 30+ CAGR since Jan-2017.

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He was a faculty at the BSE Institute for Certificate Program on Technical Analysis. He has coached numerous CMT aspirants for all three levels. He also conducts Systematic Trading workshops and has trained CFA’s, CMT’s, CA’s for Algorithmic trading.

Warren Buffett once said, “The best investment you can make, is an investment in yourself”.
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Trading Heads is a dream initiative of Mr. Sovit Manjani CMT. With the purpose of educating and mentoring new aspirants and executives for not only to graduate for professional designations like CMT, CFA, CQF, etc but to become successful and consistent traders

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